A dream that becomes sound: 25 years of artisanal know-how

One of my dreams as a violin making student, and then apprentice, was to someday open my own workshop.

I was excited about starting an adventure I knew would be challenging, but nonetheless rewarding.

That dream finally came true in 1997. Today, together with Davide, my collaborator, we celebrate 25 years of one of the most beautiful and largest artisanal workshops in Cremona.

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In the last 25 years, we have continued to study and perfect our knowledge of lutherie.

Our numerous trips abroad have allowed use to broaden our perspectives. By meeting people in the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Singapore and Korea, we have discovered different cultures and we have had the opportunity to speak to people who have made music their life.

Today our workshop has expanded, and each phase of the construction process is carried out in specially dedicated spaces. In the main workshop we do everything from roughing out the wood to adding the finishing touches. The varnish phase is carried out in a separate room to guarantee that there is no contamination with even the most microscopic grain of dust. Finally, there is our new rehearsal room, a splendid space where you can hear the sound of our creations. We welcome musicians to come and try out our instruments in person.

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25 years: the celebrative quartet

If you come and visit us, you will see something very special: a quartet of instruments created to celebrate our 25 years of activity. Two violins, a viola, a cello all from the same tree. The tree was strong and beautiful and today it has been transformed into music.

But the celebratory quartet is much more:

It represents the Tonarelli family and each instrument is dedicated to one of us: Francesca, Nicolò, Tommaso and Daniele.

All of our instruments are branded with our names in the interior. That’s because in each of them there is also a bit of us.

Wherever our instruments go, they always bear our labels and come with their certificate of authenticity, proof of their origins.

The dream continues…

After 25 years, seeing the smiles on the faces of those who have a specially created instrument in their hands gives us immense joy.

No two instruments leaving our workshop are ever identical. We know this because we often build two instruments simultaneously, precisely to compare the smallest differences between them.

Our creations are made with the utmost attention to detail, respecting both the specific characteristics of the wood and the needs of the musician. What we offer is more than a violin, viola or cello: it is an instrument for life.

25 years have passed, but the dream continues.

Keep dreaming with us