The perfect violin for you.

Daniele Tonarelli Master Violin maker since 1997

Every musician, no matter whether professional or amateur, lives in symbiosis with their instrument. And they’re always looking for what best meets their needs.

I’ll help you to find a violin that:

  • Enhances your style
  • Meets your requirements
  • Produces the sound you want
  • Makes you sound better

A tradition that continues, renewed.

In my laboratory, I make violins, violas and cellos according to the ancient art of Cremonese violin making. This Cremonese tradition, now inscribed on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage, was handed down by the great Amati, Stradivari and Guarneri for centuries.

But to make an instrument that is perfectly suited to a musician, it isn’t enough to follow the standards or trends of the moment.
For me, being a master luthier means continually carrying out research into sound, construction techniques and models.

Mine is a continuous experiment; a journey of twenty thousand leagues into history, art and music. I’d like to fulfil every musician’s dream: to experience the pleasure of owning and playing something created just for you, not just any Cremonese string instrument.

Aesthetics isn’t everything

A beautiful violin is not necessarily a good violin.

Imagine the incredible emotion of owning an Italian violin – handmade in Cremona – which in addition to being a magnificent object is able to best express your skills as a musician. Take for example the neck: not only is it the right shape and size, it’s also comfortable, enabling your hand to glide back and forth effortlessly.

All you have to do is touch the fingerboard and play the first notes to understand that this is your instrument.

The only instrument that best expresses your musical flair.
The only instrument that indulges you, makes playing enjoyable and improves over time.

And perhaps they will say to you: «I think you play better with this violin».

Because I too, like Louisa May Alcott (the author of “Little Women”), think that the violin is “the most human of all instruments”.

You know, it’s like when tennis players have to choose their racket. Whether it’s heavy or light; whether the sweet spot is high or low; whether the string pattern is tight or open; whether the head is large or small. Any one of these factors will change (for better or worse) their way of playing. It will either exalt or impede their technique.

This is why you are reading these lines.

You are dissatisfied because you have no feeling with your instrument and this makes you lose the pure pleasure of playing. It doesn’t allow you to grow and improve as a musician. It doesn’t suit you in style and technique. And because you are looking for the authentic sound of Cremonese instruments.

The good news is that the instrument you are looking for is here

Are you ready to realize your dream of owning an authentic Cremonese violin, viola or cello?

Handmade according to the oldest tradition of Italian violin making: made, calibrated and customized with your needs in mind

Making a dream come true is expensive

An authentic Cremonese violin, made according to the tradition of master luthiers, requires skill, precision, quality materials, time and patience

There can be no compromises

But my mission has always been to give everyone the chance to own such an extraordinary and unique instrument. And, at the same time, it has also been to continue the ancient art of Italian violin making by helping the younger generations to undertake this beautiful (and very difficult) profession.

For this reason, Davide, a young maker, has been working alongside me in my workshop for several years now. Under my guidance, he makes handcrafted instruments of the highest quality. A line of exceptional instruments, as all the Tonarelli violin making instruments are exceptional, but with a slightly lower price.

I carry out all the phases of construction personally

Each phase is important and delicate and I don’t move on to the next if the previous one isn’t perfect

This is my trademark. It’s what makes me unique and it’s what makes me confident in the quality of my instruments.
The best moment for me is when I put the strings on for the first time and finally understand that I have done a good job.
I love making antiqued violins.

Davide Pizzolato was born in 1994

He is a talented violin maker and has been making his own instruments under my personal guidance in my workshop since 2017

His instruments are less expensive (due to fewer years of experience) but equally of the highest level in terms of quality, materials and workmanship.

His skills are vast and varied:

  • Diploma from the Institute of Art in Architecture and Furniture Making
  • Violin studies in Conservatory
  • Diploma from the International School of Violin Making in Cremona

I will put my twenty years of experience as a violin maker at your disposal to make your dream come true and to advise you on the most suitable model for you.


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