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  • My line of Student Instruments

    I receive requests for violins, violas and cellos from musicians, students and amateurs who need high-quality instruments on a limited budget. For many years [...]

  • The violin setup and the resulting sound: experience is everything

    The setup of the instrument for classical music is the final stage of the construction process. It may be considered as one of the most important stages as it [...]

  • The Secret Recipes of the Varnish

    Varnishing musical instruments to be used in classical music is an important and delicate process. The varnish protects the wood and the combination of substances [...]

  • The Classical Cremonese School, a UNESCO heritage.

    Protected by the Stradivari Luthiers Consortium, which issues a certificate of origin with a SIAE stamp, endorsed by the Italian Luthier Association and UNESCO, [...]

  • My Violin Wood: Balkan Maple and Italian Red Spruce

    The acoustics of any string instrument lies primarily in the material with which it is made. The classical Cremonese masters, since the time of the great Andrea Amati, deemed the best [...]

  • Who I am

    I was born in Cremona in 1976, the home of lute–making art since 16th century. It is a city rich in traditions and old craft workshops where technique, skills and [...]

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