Who I am

I was born in Cremona in 1976, the home of lute–making art since 16th century. It is a city rich in traditions and old craft workshops where technique, skills and studies have been handed down from father to son. It is the Cremona of Antonio Stradivari and Andrea Amati.

My true calling has always been to become a master luter, so I attended The International School of Violin-making “Antonio Stradivari” – which hosts students from all over the world – where I got a full professional training in this art. I graduated in 1994 with the help of my mentor Master Giorgio Scolari and during the following three years I dedicated myself to the improvement of my techniques in violin making, following the classical Cremona method in the workshop of Master Marco Nolli. After that, I participated in several contests in Baveno, Bagnacavallo and Moscow, receiving Distinctions and Recognitions; acknowledgements that are fundamental in this profession if you want your craftsmanship acknowledged both in Italy and abroad.

My profession today

This 2017 I am celebrating my 20 years of activity. So far I have obtained the following specializations: making of violins, violas, cellos and double basses; fixing and restoration; estimates. My passion for classical music and my great interest in these instruments have spurred me to more experimentation on sound and working techniques. I am proud to say that this specific art, so much typical of Cremona, has been UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since 5th December 2012. It is actually a crafts tradition that leads to the construction of unique musical instruments appreciated worldwide. They are immediately recognized thanks to their particular shape, which is considered to be the most suitable and adequate not only to improve the acoustic and style characteristics of the instrument, but also to allow lute makers to freely interpret.

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