Daniele Tonarelli


Master Violin Maker


My line of Student Instruments

I receive requests for violins, violas and cellos from musicians, students and amateurs who need high-quality instruments on a limited budget. For many years now, my workshop has been producing a line of lower priced student instruments that are made…


The Secret Recipes of the Varnish

Varnishing musical instruments to be used in classical music is an important and delicate process. The varnish protects the wood and the combination of substances used for the varnish must maintain the elasticity of the wood in order to enhance…


My Violin Wood: Balkan Maple and Italian Red Spruce

The acoustics of any string instrument lies primarily in the material with which it is made. The classical Cremonese masters, since the time of the great Andrea Amati, deemed the best woods to be flamed Balkan maple for the back,…


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